Strength & Conditioning

An integral component in Georgia Tech’s 17-sport athletic family is the strength and conditioning program and the most visible sign of Tech’s commitment in this area is the Hugh Spruill Strength Center. The Hugh Spruill Strength Center is a 10,000 square foot weightlifting facility located on the ground floor of the William C. Wardlaw Center at the South end of Bobby Dodd Stadium/Grant Field.  

 Recently renovated, the Hugh Spruill Strength Center now boasts a new layout, flooring, equipment, murals, and the addition of a nutrition station. The Strength Center houses twenty-three half racks with the Georgia Tech logo on each platform, eighteen dumbbell racks ranging from 5 lbs up to 130 lbs, and a number of custom-designed weightlifting machines.  A 25-yard, four-lane track runs down the middle of the Strength Center, designed for speed and movement drills. Also included in the renovation was the cardio area, which boasts five Woodway treadmills and five stationary Precor bikes.  

 Adjacent to the cardio area was the addition of the nutrition room that houses the variety of nutrition supplements Georgia Tech offers its athletes and includes a refrigerator and a number of blenders and that will allow the athletes to mix their favorite recovery shake. Georgia Tech’s audio-visual system is one of the finest, including four plasma TV’s with DVD/VHS combo units and a top-of-the-line stereo system with loudspeakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, and even an iPod station. A 3,000-square-foot exercise room is also part of the complex, complete with Astroturf surface for plyometric, flexibility and agility drills.

The facility contains a tribute to the late Dave Pasanella, Georgia Tech’s former Director of Player Development and a Rambling Wreck letterman in 1983 and ‘84. The “Strongest Man in the World” and the holder of fourteen world weightlifting records, Pasanella died tragically in an automobile accident in 1990. 

Strength and Conditioning Staff

Anna Kuzan

Player Development Assistant

Jason Benguche

Player Development Assistant


Michael Bewley

Player Development Assistant

Zach Reed

Player Development Assistant

Scott McDonald

Director of Olympic Sports Player Development

John Sisk

Director of Football Player Development

Steve Tamborra

Player Development Assistant

Matthew Hickmann

player development coach